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Lords Mobile Building Strategy – A Beginner’s Guide in Collecting Resources

When playing Lords Mobile, most of your time is spent collecting resources that are significantly important in creating your successful strategy. Every action you do in this game corresponds to a certain amount of resources, so if you know how to generate and manage them, you will top the game without many problems.

Like most building games, the contemporary strategy is that you need buildings to produce Lords Mobile resources and boost them. Still, you have to keep in mind that the number of tiles for your buildings is limited, so it will be best to focus on those available. To do that, we’ve developed a simple Lords Mobile buildings guide that will help you collect resources efficiently.

What are the Basic Lords Mobile Resources?

In Lords Mobile, there are five types of resources; Gold, Food, Stone, Timber, and Ore. To complete such in-game activities, like research, you need to have a certain amount of these resources. In each activity you take, you ought to spend a certain amount of resources. And as the game progresses, the amount of resources also increases.

For instance, if you are in level 1 research, you need to spend or deploy 100 Food, 100 Stone, and 100 Ore. And, as you reach higher levels, you are obliged to pay more elevated amounts of resources.

One of the best strategies is to ensure that your resources are stable enough or even more. So that you can release the resources required when it’s time to do other in-game activities in Lords Mobile.

lords mobile building strategy


Getting to Know the Building Types

As mentioned above, the only way to collect resources is by constructing suitable buildings. In Lords Mobile, there are five types of buildings; Farms, Mines, Lumber Mill, Quarry, and Manor. Here are the basic descriptions of these buildings so that you can calculate your Lords Mobile Building Strategy.


The Farm building is where you generate food. This building is upgradeable up to level 25. Food is extensively crucial as you need this resource to sustain your troops. To establish this building, you need to wait for a minute and 12 seconds.

Once you are done upgrading your farm to level 25, you need at least 48 hours to complete the building process. The waiting time is worth it if you’re aiming for a completely upgraded farm, as it can generate up to 38.210 food per hour.


Next to the Farms are the Mines. These buildings are in-charge of the ore resource. And, like the farms, this building is expandable up to level 25. Like food, the ore is an essential resource used in upgrading other buildings and doing research.

Once you start the game, you will be set in a turf quest that requires you to build ten mines. Do this quest in your quickest skill, and you’ll be rewarded with 120.000 ore. Afterward, tear down the unused mines. To create a mine, you need to wait for a minute, and a max level mine for about two weeks. When you’ve got a max level mine, you can achieve 22.940 ore per hour.

Lumber Mill

Another building you need to focus on is the Lumber Mill. It is a crucial building that offers timber. Like the mentioned buildings earlier, the Lumber Mill can be upgraded to level 25. Timber is a resource usually spent for various things like training new troops. This resource also supplies might.

Like in Mines, you are also eligible to take a turf quest to get 120.000 timber as your reward. To establish a lumber mill, you need to wait for a minute, and the maximum level requires a week to complete. A fully established Lumber Mill can give you 30.560 timber per hour.


Another essential building in Lords Mobile is the Quarry. It offers stone and is upgradeable up to level 25. Stone is also a vital resource that is utilized in upgrading other buildings. Like the Lumber Mill, Quarry also gives Might.

Upon finishing the turf quest, you will be getting 120.000 stones. Establishing a level 1 quarry generally takes a minute, while a level 25 takes close to a week to fully complete. Once you’ve got a fully upgraded quarry, you can have 30.560 stones per hour.


Lastly, the manor is the building that generates gold, and it can be upgraded up to level 25, too. Gold is used in boosting barracks training speed. Unlike the other buildings, a level 1 manor takes two days to complete, while the max level takes nearly a month to establish fully. Once you get a max-level manor, you are entitled to have 4.875 gold per hour.

How the Storage System Works

Keep in mind that the mentioned buildings above can be constructed on top of Lords Mobile resource tiles. You can usually access these 22 white tiles on your main screen. Moreover, like other games, each building has a specific storage capacity, and then once it is full, the building will stop generating due to lack of space. So, that explains why you must keep upgrading your buildings.

Also, there are other options to increase the storage capacity and speed up the production, which is useful in your late game. If you don’t consider upgrading your buildings, your resources will not be enough; completing simple research will be hard for you.

It is impressive to generate thousands of resources per hour, but producing millions of resources is highly needed during the in-game activities in the end game. Whenever there is an opportunity to upgrade your building, don’t miss it. By boosting your buildings, you are increasing your storage capacity in each building as well.

What is the Lords Mobile Building Strategy?

Since you have a limited number of tiles, you need to develop a strategic plan of which buildings you plan to create. Generally, there is no definite plan or setup that is effective in each game stage. You can mix and match and keep changing the building on the tiles. To help you with that, we’ve developed a recommendation you can consider. Check out the Lords Mobile buildings guide below.

Lords Mobile Resources


Early Game

In the early phase, it is more advisable to construct ten farms and four other buildings except for manors. These buildings are sustainable up to level 20 as they can give you substantial resources in the early stages.

During this phase, supporting your troops is very necessary, so you need to focus on your farms that generate food. In playing Lords Mobile, you need to keep in mind that Food always matters regardless of what phase of the game. Gold is not that important during the early game, so there’s no need to invest in manors right away.

Middle Game

Once you reach level 20, you still need to focus more on generating food until level 25. Other resources are obtainable by gathering, meaning you can simply click an empty tile that contains resources and let the troops collect them. With that said, there is still a way to get other resources.

Now that you worked effectively generating more food at the early game, it is expected that you will achieve massive and healthy troops by now. In the middle part of the game, you need to focus on expanding your army instead. It means that you need to generate more food resources.

To meet this, you need to target 2.5 million food per hour. To do this, you need to construct 15 farms, two lumber mills, two mines, and two quarries. As for manor, you can still get gold by completing quests, so there’s no need to get one yet at this moment.

End Game

The end game starts when you reach level 25. At this point, you need to remove all farms. Yes! At this moment, you don’t need more food. As you have already reached the maximum capacity on your storage at this phase, food must come from your guild members. In the end game, you need to focus on other resources like ore, stone, and timber.

Building and collecting resources are not hard tasks as long as you have a guide ready. We hope that this Lords Mobile Buildings guide will help you improve your gameplay. For more updates or information about Lords Mobile, stay tuned here.