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Lords Mobile: How to Choose the Right Hero

Lords Mobile Hero

Heroes provide another element when it comes to combat and strategy in Lords Mobile. While you can use standard troops to engage against enemies, they also have one or two commanding heroes too. This is due to the fact that heroes offer significant tactical advantages during battles.

Depending on what heroes you choose, they can also buff your units significantly to make skirmishes and breaches easier. To date, there are 49 Heroes available in the game. Some of these heroes are free, while others need to be purchased. Others are only obtained during special in-game events.

Which Hero Should I Use?

With such a large number of Heroes, choosing the right one can get overwhelming. However, we can narrow it down by classifying them into three specific categories: Strength, Agility, and Intelligence.

lords mobile heroes


Strength Heroes

Strength Heroes are usually burly front-liners who have exceptionally strong abilities that bolster your Infantry and Cavalry units. Typically, Strength heroes’ damaging abilities hit a lot of enemies, and are often used to soften up the opposing forces for your ranged, cavalry, or your secondary Hero to clean up.

Agility Heroes

Agility Heroes deal their damage from a distance and buff your Ranged units as they rain down arrows on the opposing army. Some of them even have specific abilities that weaken armor and apply various physical weaknesses onto enemies that they manage to hit. These heroes are usually strong at piercing through troops but are exceptionally weak once enemies manage to get close to them, similar to the weakness of Ranged units in general.

Intelligence Heroes

Intelligence Heroes use magic to lay waste on enemies. They also use their knowledge of the arcane to exploit weaknesses and buff your units to inch you closer to victory. These heroes also use Magic Damage to bypass conventional armor and decimate units.

Intelligence Heroes usually cover large areas and deal massive damage. While they may be strong offensive units, they however compromise their raw power by having the weakest defenses among the three Hero Categories. Intelligence Heroes usually hang back with siege units and will provide further artillery support for your units.

Now, it is up to you where you would place your Heroes before you engage opponents. However, it is ideal to familiarize yourself with their strengths to help you decide where to put them in your formation. This way, your chances of winning skirmishes are higher. Just remember to use their skills in the best opportune moments.