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Lords Mobile Troop Building & Management 101

Lords Mobile Troops

Lords Mobile’s gameplay revolves around conquest and beating opponents to get resources and gain more territory. But in order to accomplish this, you have to learn how to properly build and manage your Troops. Here is a quick rundown of what you should be keeping an eye on once you’ve delved deeper into the game.

Types of Troops

Troops are units and machines that you train and build for offensive and defensive purposes. There are four basic Troop types—Infantry, Ranged, Cavalry, and Siege. Each Troop type is strong against the other types, but can also be countered by a specific troop type.

For instance, Infantry troops can work against Ranged and Siege units, but struggle against Cavalry. On the other hand, Ranged units are strong against Cavalry and Siege units. But they can be obliterated by the Infantry. Cavalry units smash through Infantry and Siege units but get quickly shot down by Ranged units. Lastly, Siege units are exceptionally proficient in breaching Castle Walls and squashing traps but easily get dismantled if any of the other troop types get close to them.

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In terms of Troop Formations, typically placing Cavalry in front is the best option since they can trample over Infantry and can hold their own against opposing Cavalry units. To keep the pressure going, your Cavalry should be backed by Infantry troops. And to inflict maximum damage at a distance, Ranged and Siege units should be placed at the backend of the Troop Formation.

Troop Tiers

As you progress through the game, you get to level up specific buildings on your base. Doing so will give you access to more powerful versions of the aforementioned Troop Types. The Academy can research high-tiered types.

However, it is worth noting that it takes a longer time to complete the research for higher-tiered units. Keep this in mind when trying to upgrade your forces so that you can still defend your base in case enemies try to attack you while you’re training higher-tiered Troops. Listed below are the types of troops and their corresponding tiers.

  • Infantry Units start with Tier 1-leveled Grunts, followed by Tier 2-Gladiators, Tier 3-Royal Guard, Tier 4-Heroic Fighter, and Tier 5-Luminary Guard.
  • Ranged Units begin with Archers. Their Tier 2 Units are Sharpshooters, while their Tier 3 and 4 Units are Stealth Snipers and Heroic Cannoneers, respectively. Finally, their Tier 5 unit is the Luminary Marksman.
  • For Cavalry, Cataphracts are the first Tier units available. Their second Tier units are Reptilian Riders, followed by Tier 3-Royal Cavalry. Lastly, Ancient Drake Riders and Luminary Lion Force check out the Tier 4 and Tier 5 Troop Types.
  • For Siege Units, Ballistas are their Tier-1 troop followed by Catapults, Fire Trebuchets, Destroyers, and Luminary Avengers to round out their Tier 2, 3, 4, and 5 units.

Each Troop Tier sees the units have significantly higher might and overall stats than the previous tiers. But the catch here is that they usually cost a bit more than the earlier available units. This is where your skill in strategy and resource management comes into play.