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Lords Mobile is set in an open world full of lords driven by greed after the death of their First Emperor. Wreaking havoc among hundreds of Kingdoms, these Lords are vying to become the next emperor. With the dark times upon us, monsters have risen from the depths to clash across the battle-scarred lands.

These lands were once a peaceful place until powerful warlords created turmoil and chaos. Restore the balance of power and peace in this Strategy-RPG conquering game by building the greatest Castle Empire to defeat every evil that stands in your way. Fight your way through many epic battles to become the greatest warlord in all the Land!

In the beginning, you are introduced to a movie-like introduction of the game showing you how the endless wars had begun. All hell will break loose from then onward. Ultimately, you will find yourself immersed in the vast open-world populated by guilds and players.

Lords Mobile PC is a perfect combination of open space RPG, real-time strategy and world-building mechanics. Can you brave this chaotic fantasy world with the help of mighty soldiers? We’ll go through these features one-by-one, so you better look for something to hold on to before you are blown away!

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Lords Mobile Epic Heroes

Lords Mobile features 45 characters known as heroes. These heroes can be used in PVP and PVE contents, so they are the bread and butter of your armies. Of course, heroes alone will not suffice in army-versus-army battles, so you better start building up your armies.

Also, you can use your heroes in RPG-like hero battles. In the beginning, you will use them to liberate parts of your castle as you go through the PVE content. Eventually, they can contend with heroes controlled by other players in PVP battles.

Consistent Open-World

Unlike in other MMORPG’s, the landscape in Lords Mobile will be dictated by the players. Although players cannot alter the terrain, they can build structures that will last forever. Well, at least until their foes decide to destroy these buildings.

Join a Guild & Form Alliances!

As you progress, research and development will take more time. This is where a guild will come in handy. Your guilds have the ability to give you a hand to boost the progress bar of your activities! Make sure that you will return the favor! If you are a part of a guild, you can help establish buildings in strategic locations to either defend or project your territory. This gives yourself and your guild a safe place to prosper and gather resources!

Resources & Equipment Crafting

PVE contents will help you gather resources for crafting equipment. As you collect sets of gears, you can level-up your heroes and expand their skills. This will then allow you to dive in tougher areas. Of course, tougher areas means tougher gear, so the crafting system is basically your hero progression system.

Unit Training

Lords Mobile posses the classic rock-paper-scissors approach to RTS. This means that there are units that counter each other. This ultimately assures players that the game is balanced.

The rock-paper-scissor system makes things simpler, but it also means that you can’t focus on one troop type. This furthers the need for guilds who will help defend your castle just in case your enemies try to crush you with an army that counters the composition of your army!

Monster Hunts!

In a land where chaos has reigned, monsters from different regions are bound to arise from their slumber to break the confidence of the lords! The task to beat these monsters lies on you, but keep in mind that you can’t beat them all at the beginning. There will be monsters who are more powerful than you, so you better start training your heroes and watch them save the day!

Although you cannot build some of the monsters, damaging them can still net you rewards! Hence, you have to decide whether you will repeatedly attack powerful monsters for a low chance of high tier rewards or attack weak ones for low tier rewards.


Overall, Lords Mobile PC is a pretty solid game. The graphics are quite good, especially when it comes to cinematic battles. The hybrid gameplay also brilliantly mixes the strategy and RPG genre, so it is definitely one of a kind.

We truly recommend this game especially for players who are yearning for World Domination. The game may seem too difficult in the beginning, but rest assured that the various game modes will make it easy for players to pick up and enjoy the chaotic fantasy world.

Game Features

  • Open-World Kingdom MMORPG: Build and conquer to create a mighty empire.
  • Defend your kingdom's territory.
  • Find friends and clash!
  • Rule as emperor of the warlords.
  • Clash with powerful heroes.
  • Master your war strategy as an emperor.
  • Epic multiplayer battles: different troop types.
  • Choose your battle path: fight or trade.

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Lords Mobile Screenshot

Play & Download Lords Mobile on PC For Free – Strategy RPG